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Hiring a facepainter.                                   What you should ask.

Just about anyone can call themselves a facepainter these days.  Here are some questions you should ask before hiring one.

1. Is the Facepainter a Professional?  Professional does not mean that someone charges you a fee to facepaint.  A Professional Facepainter conducts herself  in a  professional manner at all times.  She shows up on time, does the job that was agreed upon for the time and fee that was agreed upon.  A Professional Facepainter will have your event details in writing and provide you with a copy.   A Professional Facepainter will dress and use language appropriate to your event.  A Professional Facepainter continually upgrades her skills and knowledge of the face painting industry.

2. Who have you been trained by? A Professional Facepainter is one who has paid a fee to take workshops and classes from Professional Facepainters who have years of experience.  They are well-known in the Face and Bodypainting World, have competed and won competitions amongst the best in the World, have published books, made dvds, and offer seminars to increase one's technical and creative abilities.

3.  What type of paints and materials do you use?  A Professional Facepainter only uses Professional Paints used for Face and Bodypainting around the world.  Brands include Mehron, Kryolan, Paradise, Wolfe, Diamond FX, and SillyFarm, Arty Cakes, TAG, FAB.  

4.  Have you attended any Facepainting Conventions?   A Professional Facepainter has probably attended a Professional Face and Body Painting Convention.  There is one held every year in Canada called Bodyssey.  There are several held in the United States during the year. Conventions are a marvelous event to learn from many instuctors, jam with colleagues, and find out the newest products on the market.  A Professional Facepainter may also have attended several Professional two-day workshops from Master Face & Bodypainters.

5. Do you belong to any Professional organizations? A Professional Facepainter in Canada should belong to a national organization like CAFABA: The Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists.  This organization sets the standards, offers insurance, keeps face and bodypainters up to date on all workshops and conventions happening during the year, provides forums for members to exchange valuable information on products, services, and techniques. 

6.  Are you insured?  A Professional Facepainter should be insured.

7.  How many full faces can you paint in an hour?  A Professional Facepainter should be able to paint 10-12  faces in an hours' time.  She can paint more children if painting masks or cheek art.  She should have a repertoire of at least 10 boy designs and 10 girl designs.

8.  Do you have a website?  A Professional Facepainter will have a website complete with information about herself, her talents and skills and photographs of her work for you to view.

9.  Do you provide your estimate and services requested in writing to the client?   A Client should always receive an e-mail, letter, or invoice for exactly what  is being contracted by your Facepainter.  It should be dated, with the service required, name, address, contact person of event, # of hours, rate of pay, cost for materials, and any travel costs.  

10.  Do you have a list of previous clients that I can view?   A Professional Facepainter should have a list of previous clients or customers, particularly for large corporate events.  Testimonials from previous customers can also be available for viewing on their website to show that families and companys have been happy with the services they received.  Private names and numbers are never given out for security purposes.


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