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Rates & Services

Facepainting Services:  are charged on a per hour basis; 1 hour minimum.   I can paint approx. 10-12 full face designs /hour.  I can paint more faces per hour if they are 1/2 face designs or cheek art.  MissKitty is trained in Professional Brush and Sponge Painting.  All facepaint can be easily removed with Baby Wipes or shampoo rubbed directly on the paint.  Please complete the Contact Form for a quote.

Glitter Tattoo Services: I can apply approx. 15-20 Glitter Tattoos/hour.  One hour minimum.  I have a custom display which can show up to 50 designs and bring a wide variety of colors of glitter. Glitter Tattoos last between 3-7 days depending on care!  Glitter tattoos can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol. Please complete the Contact Form for a quote.

Bodypainting on arms, legs, shoulders, ankles, backs, are charged on a per hour basis and can be done for adults as well as children's events. Tattoo Arm Sleeves are the newest thing! MissKitty was recently trained in Graffitti Style Painting! MissKitty can also add some bling and color to your events by painting faux jewellry, venetian masks, or fancy designs at your special Birthday or Anniversary party!  All bodypaint can easily be removed with shampoo rubbed onto paint, then washed off with water.

Pre-Natal Belly Painting is charged per session and takes an hour or more.  It is dependent upon the complexity of the design.  Prices start at $75 and include discussion and design.   If time allows, I can paint a demo for your approval.  All bodypaint is non-toxic and can be easily removed with shampoo rubbed onto paint, then washed off with water.  Please contact MissKitty to see how she can bring a unique memory to your pregnancy experience!

Professional Bodypainting is charged according to difficulty of design and number of hours required.  Professional photography, hairstyling and make-up, if required, can be arranged and will be quoted separately. Bodypainting is an excellent idea for special occasion GLAMOUR Photos!  Fees for Professional Bodypainting starts at $150/hour.  All bodypaint is non-toxic and can easily be removed with shampoo rubbed onto the paint, and then washed off with water.   Please contact MissKitty for an estimate and a chance to discuss your ideas for Glamor Photo Bodypainting!  Individual Custom Headpieces are quoted individually if required. 

**All rates include early arrival, set up, take down, materials and products required and kit cleaning!  Due to the recent increase in gas prices, MissKitty must charge travel fees for areas bordering or outside City limits. Any travel out of town will be quoted according to current costs. MissKitty serves Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, the County of Strathcona, and the County of Parkland.  Please advise if your event is out of town to receive an appropriate estimate.  **

My charities of choice are the Animal Rescue Magazine, SNAP, NASAPEdmonton Humane Society and Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society

* Pets bring so much love, company, laughter, joy, happiness, and health to everyone they touch.  As a society, I feel we need to support them as much as possible.  They are all furry little angels here on earth.*


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