MissKittyKreations - Face Painting and More!

Add some Color and Fun to your Parties and Events! =^.^=

Services Offered by MissKittyKreations

FACEPAINTING- Facepainting adds Fun and Color to any event, whether you are a child, teen or adult! I use professional colors, glitters, and gels which are all washable with water, baby wipes, or shampoo.  They are FDA safe and approved!  Faces can be painted full face, half face, or creatively with swirls and curls and colors!

GLITTER TATTOOS-  These temporary tattoos add great fun and color to any gathering.  With a variety of stencils and colors to choose from, your guests can enjoy everything from flowers, spiders, dragons, chinese signs, to the moon and stars.  Safe adhesives and fine glitter powders allow these shiny gems to stay on for 3 days or more! And they are waterproof!  I can also provide CUSTOM Glitter Tattoos with sufficient advance notice.

BODY-PART PAINTING - Designs painted on the arms, chest, legs, face or hands of your guests are body-part painting. If you are hosting a Hawaiian theme party, I can paint parrots, palm trees, flowers, beaches, and drinks on your guests!  If your party is a glamorous fundraiser, I can paint faux necklaces, peacocks, and beautiful artwork on shoulders, backs, arms or the upper chest.

BODYPAINTING - MissKitty also a Professional Bodypainter for personal Glamour Photography; either half or full body.  Using brush and sponge, you or a model can be painted to wear a bathing suit, t-shirt and jeans, or be a fantasy leopard.  For that special picture for yourself of your special someone, please call for more information. Available for corporate advertising or events.

PRE-NATAL BELLY PAINTING - If you are expecting a baby, capture the moment with a beautiful hand-painted design or picture on your growing tummy.  Easier and less messy than a belly cast, each painting can be designed for your special day and can be captured with a photo to be placed in your baby album to keep forever. 



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